Bedroom Tips for Dating an Escort

Jan 18, 2020 Dating an Escort
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The newcomers often become nervous about dating an escort for the first time. This is because they have no prior experience with as beautiful of a woman they meet through escort services. They often make mistakes on their first date and feel that they have made the situation awkward. It is mainly what they do in the bedroom that worries them. But after their first experience, they become more confident about dealing with escorts. Here are some bedroom tips for the first-timers to keep the confidence alive on their first evening with an escort.

Keep the place clean

When you have asked an escort for an outcall service, you will either have to invite her to your house or at a hotel. In either case, your room needs to be clean and well organized. Make sure the bathroom is clean and hygienic for her to use, and the bed should have clean sheets and pillows. Keep the dining clean as well if you feel like eating something later on.

Keep plenty of towels

You will need plenty of towels to wipe yourself up. Keep towels for yourself and for her as well. You will be taking multiple rounds to the washroom during and after you spend some good time. The towels will help in quick cleaning. You can also keep a few towels soaked in hot water to get a warm cleansing to feel much more relaxed. Having separate towels will make you look more hygienic and will impress your date.

Show the escort around

When you welcome your date, she needs to feel comfortable in your place. Simply take her on tour through the place and let her inspect if there are any hidden cameras or people in the place. Do not mind her checking for her safety. Offer her a glass of water, and keep her payment somewhere near the guest table or next to the sink in the washroom. Ask us to make herself comfortable and dim the lights to add a romantic charm to the evening.

Let her take a look at you

Before you indulge in any sexual activities, the escort might ask you a few questions, such as whether you have any STDs. Do not feel awkward about answering these questions as it is a part of their job as they need to make sure of their health. They will also check your body parts for any infections, but they will make it fun so you can relax and enjoy until she clears her tasks and is finally ready to be nice to you.

Offer a Tip

If you had a great evening and she is leaving, offer her a tip as a gesture of saying thank you, and you really enjoyed her company. This will add your name in her good books and next time she might take out some extra time to stay a little longer with you.

By Mike